The subprime mortgage industry nearly caused the nationwide collapse of the mortgage market.   To help California home owners cope, both federal and private sources created home loan modification plans.  It became possible to change the terms in an existing mortgage without having to qualify to refinance.
The Optima Law Center (OLC) law office considers loan modification legal representation the best way for California home owners to work with their existing lender, make their loan affordable, avoid losing creditworthiness, and remain in their home.  Lenders want you to stay away from foreclosure for several reasons, especially if they have a loan modification program that can make your mortgage payments affordable.  This is a time-limited opportunity. For many consumers, now may be the final chance to save homeownership.  If obtaining a long term loan modification to get a payment you can afford is your goal, call the Home Owner Support Center at 888-767-2272 or click Contact Us now.

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